Lions Interested in Micah Johnson

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Lions Interested in Micah Johnson

Farhan reported today the Lions are interested in Micah Johnson and there is mutual interest.

He has been a great player, but had a bad year last year. Was it a down year or is he on the decline?

What do you guys think if Hervey ends up signing him?

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Re: Lions Interested in Micah Johnson

how old is he? injury?

surely, the CFL and/or lions would have some analytics...... and some idea as to how things could go

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Re: Lions Interested in Micah Johnson

Even if Johnson has another down year it would still be a Lions Dline upgrade.

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Re: Lions Interested in Micah Johnson

:rockin: An upgrade for sure. I think Lemon could compliment his signing if he does. Linebacking crew needs a serious upgrade. I dont know if Solly would come back he has some game left for sure and proved it last year in Sask although injured at times.

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