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Introduce yourselves

don't be shy step right up and tell us about yourself ... age? married? where ya from? whatever
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- 34 years old.
- Married
- Beer Drinker
- Tailgater
- Flex Pack Holder

Home base: Maple Ridge
Interests: Canucks. Lions, Web Design, Pubs :beer: :: Ask me how you can help us raise money for Cancer research and treatment on behalf of CFL fans.
skate Vancouver (SV)


Cyep hahaha thats meanucks Lions Ravens Adanacs Lakers oh yea and wrestling!

yep hahaha thats me

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Hey guys and gals I'm 23 years old. I live in Prince George and have for 10 years. I grew up in Van City cheering for the Leos. I'm in my first year of Business classes in PG and enjoy long walks on the beach and reading poetry. :lol: No, I'm into football (all kinds prefer NFL but love CFL too) I like to golf in the summer and snowboard in the winter. I'm a huge Canucks fan and have been for my whole life.

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I'm 25 and single.....I live in Edmonton and I hate the Oilers and Eskimos. I grew up in Vancouver and was raised on the Lions and Canucks and continue to cheer for both to this day.

"I have social skills, jackass!"
-Malcolm (Malcolm In The Middle)

hey all!! :rockin:
i'm the ice cream
ok name is Justine!!
i'm 14yrs old...goin into grade in West Van!!
some of my hobbies are...horseback riding, cheerleading, b-ball, volleyball, running, rollerblading, watching hockey, i'm a HUGE fan of the Canucks, luv them to death...and i luv selling ice :wink:
i'm still single.... :yes:


I am straycat and I am an Lionoholic :rockin:

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I'm one of the Lions photographers and became a fan of canadian football after I started shooting for them.
I now have too many Lions stickers on my car. :lol:
I'm 25, in a long term relationship, and enjoy tennis, dragon boating, and Most Things Matrix and Star Trek.
Born and raised in Vancouver.

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Hey all. I am 25 years old. Moved to North Van in June from the Kootenays, where I was raised. Single. I have been watching CFL games since we got cable in 1990. So far this has been my favourite season, hoping for a good ending. Hobbies include playing hockey, watching all sports, and of course drinking to a stupor.


hey all. I was born in vernon, raised in richmond and now i'm in Kitsilano. Im 25 years old and I've been a lions fan all the way, and for the rest of the summer you can try to spot me while i'm down at the beach 8)

puff puff pass........


I'm 22 and single.I'm a student at sfu with a year to go.Love the Leos,Canucks and 49ers.I spend my free time playing sports and watchin movies.I've lived in the lower mainland all my life.

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I'm D ... short for Derek ... I'm 44 .... despite having nasty unpolished plywood teeth, bandy legs and a rare foot disease ... chicks dig me :wink: I think it's cuz I love dogs, the beach, margaritas and I'm easy to get along with.

I was raised in Burnaby ... like the Canucks, Lions, roller blading the seawall and developing web sites. I have an 8yo daughter who I love more than anything ... she is the best kid in the whole world and she keeps me young :wink:

the 1st Lions game I can remember was 1972 against the Tiger Cats and I really miss most about Empire is riding the roller coaster pre and post game :bawl:

I decided to build this site in December of 1999 ... I was going to build a Canucks site because I actually like hockey more than football but there were already a lot of great Canuck sites like out there ... so when I realized there wasn't a BC Lions fan site on the net ... I went for it and launched the site in Feb of 2000.

Last fall I launched another site simular to this but for fans of all the teams in the CFL ... a place to shoot the crap and build friendships ... that site is and despite a slow start that site is now 1 of the busiest CFL sites on the net .... and is still growing every month :thup:



D, I think I speak on behalf of all the posters by saying thank you for putting in alot of work to get both this site and 13th man up and running.I'm one of the many people in this world that love sites like this but would never go through all trouble and time to start one up.Thanks for doin the hard work. :beer:


Well here goes....

I am 36 years old and divorced. I used to live in Burnaby for many years and love the Leos and the Canucks. I am also a big fan of the New England Patriots' ever since 85 and the years with Steve Grogan et all...I moved to Toronto two years ago and still miss Vancouver very much, I just might move back there....

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Im 34, married live in Vancouver my favorite sports are Football and Soccer ( Vancouver Whitecaps) both Footy games ! anyway I am a season ticket holder and sit in section 38 wear my 50th orange jersey proudly to everygame and can been seen knocking back some luke warm BC place tap :beer: with my buddy BIG DAN

Hope to meet you all soon


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