Lions BBQ Sauce & marketing ideas...

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Re: Lions BBQ Sauce & marketing ideas...

the bbq sauce is freakin awesome! soo goood hahaha

i hope they come back with the roar energy drink :) that stuff was awesome

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Re: Lions BBQ Sauce & marketing ideas...

I thought the sauce was so so. Overpriced though

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Re: Lions BBQ Sauce & marketing ideas...

i hope they come back with the roar energy drink that stuff was awesome
Central city brewing has discontinued the enery drink. I had gotten the last two cases from them. They have an expiry date of July 2012. They have also discontinued the bc lions Budweiser beer for some reason.

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Re: Lions BBQ Sauce & marketing ideas...

I saw the Lions bbq sauce at Save On Foods tonight. It's rather pricy; even on sale it was $9.99 for a 12 oz bottle ($1 off their $10.99 regular price). Not sure how widely available it is or if there's supposed to be a variety of flavours, but the only one I saw was "tequila-citrus" (with 2.5% alc/vol if you're wondering). But you prob won't wanna get drunk on it; the other strike against it AFAIC is how loaded it is with sodium: it's got more in 2 tbsp than in most bowls of soup. YMMV but for that reason alone I wouldn't even buy it at a more typical sale price, say $2.49.

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