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Contact: Hall of Fan - SammyGreene Hall of Fan - SammyGreene
Position: receiver
Favourite CFL team: British Columbia Lions
Why are they your favourite team: Attended first game at Empire Stadium when I was nine (1974). Have been hooked since
If you were abducted by Super Models and forced to cheer for another team who would it be: Cindy Crawford forced me to cheer for the Hamilton Tiger-Cats
Other Favourite Sports teams: Seattle Seahawks
Favourite CFL stadium: Commonwealth Stadium
Favourite BC Lion: Carl Kidd/Dave Dickenson
Favourite former BC Lion: Merv Fernandez/Nick Hebler
Favourite Food: steak/prime rib
Favourite Bar: Legends/Speeds Pub
Favourite Beer: Rickards Red
Favourite Alcoholic Beverage: Rye & 7
Favourite Non Alcoholic Bevy: Slurpees
Favourite Tunes: all over the map (that's why I listen to JACK)
Favourite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Hobbies: golf ... sports and more sports ... home reno stuff
Favourite BC Lion Memory: 1. 1994 Western Final: greatest Lions game ever. 2. 1979 vs. Calgary Paopao comes in for Tagge and leads team to miracle finish ... 2 long passes to Harry Holt and TD to Jim Young with no time left.
Best Grey Cup Host City: Calgary
My dream vacation is: A month in Maui
Favourite CFL uniform: Lions retro
Words you live by: CFL ... a Canadian tradition

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Re: Hall of Fan - SammyGreene

Who made this up?

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Re: Hall of Fan - SammyGreene

His kids' wrote:Who made this up?

There is a poster on here whose handle is "SammyGreene". We have several posters who use past players names as their handles or in their handles. Several posters who have been here for a long time created these profiles as a 'get to know me' sort of thing. This is definitely not the real player. Hope this clears up the confusion. Welcome to the board. :)

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