July 6th, 2008...

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Re: July 6th, 2008...

I can't believe it's been 4 years already. I remember I was just leaving the Football 202 session at the facility when I read it on my phone. The Lions were having a family BBQ and I wasn't sure if they knew or not. It was a very sad quiet trip back home, and I always wear my Bob pin on whatever jersey I have on. There are a lot of reasons I love this team, but it was his "one fan at a time" belief and his approachability that truly cemented it. We'll miss you Bob.


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Re: July 6th, 2008...

great video clip!

Still a big whole left in the heart of the franchise.

Hopefully Scott one day rejoins the team.

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Re: July 6th, 2008...

Of all the CFL greats that have departed in the last few years, somehow this one leave the deepest ache. However, his legacy in this city and province is immortal. We all have to go sometime, few of us will be so lucky to be as well loved, respected and remembered as Bob Ackles. Truly an inspiration for us all.

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