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As printed in the Lion Backers Fan Club newsletter "Paw Prints" - June 2003 edition.

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Super Fan
 - by David Holmes, Lion Backers Fan Club and member

What does one call a man who spends every day of his life on E-bay searching for Lions collectibles? A guy who scours garage sales and swap meets searching for long-forgotten or discarded Lions items. An individual who has spent thousands of dollars building his collection, and has even converted an upstairs room in his Parksville home into a make-shift shrine to everything BC Lions....committed?

Or should he be?

Meet Vic Dougan, a self-confessed Lions "Super-Fan," whose penchant for collecting and his love for the CFL lead him to his current obsession - building one of the largest collections of Lions memorabilia in Canada.

"I sold my beer can collection in 1990 and had to collect something," Vic offered. "As a fan of the CFL, it was a natural. Eventually I weaned off my very large  CFL collection and focused on my number one hobby and
first love - collecting Lions.

Vic estimates his collection of all things black and orange at a staggering 1,500 pieces if you include each programme and photo. On a recent trip over to the Island to view this collection first-hand, I was like a kid in a candy store. But instead of wine gums, Jujubes, Pixy Sticks, and chocolate covered cherries, I was treated to a unique and diverse assortment of items: rare team-issued photos and Lions pennants from every era which adorned each wall. Pins, premiums, mugs, glasses, mini-helmets and autograph books that were all neatly arranged in display cases. Programmes, trading cards, and player photos sealed in specially marked binders and mounted in a wall that Vic custom built himself. It was truly akin to taking a walk down memory lane, or down to the corner of Cassiar and Hastings to be more specific.

He even owns some odd-ball pieces too. Like a 1968 play book that was issued to all team members at training camp. In it, there is "code of conduct" page written by former head coach Jim Champion. Coach Champion was quite demanding of his players, or so one would be led to believe. A sample of fines for various misdeeds:  $10 for reporting overweight - per
pound per day, $25 for tardiness, $50 for failure to report injuries or report for training, and $400 for going out after curfew. Indexed into today's dollar amount, that $400 is the equivalent to over $2,000!

Vic readily admits that much of this is made possible by the online resource E-bay. "E-bay has provided me a much wider net from which to catch the things I'm looking for," Vic enthused. "I have picked up Lions items from as far away as Florida and from all over the United States. Before (E-Bay), you would never have access to these items and my search would largely be confined to the Island and the Lower Mainland." "Now" he adds, "I can fine-tune my collection and cherry-pick the items I really want. For example, Lions away programmes are easier to come by than ever before."

So what is Vic Dougan's proudest possession? It's a 1958 game-worn jersey
worn by former star halfback Primo Villanueva, that was acquired quite by good fortune.

 Vic had e-mailed a gentleman about some programmes. During the course of the conversation the guy mentioned that he had a jersey, but was not sure of the year or who wore it. Knowing he was onto a good thing, Vic traveled to Vancouver, they worked out a fair price, and it now it's proudly and prominently displayed on a wall in "The Lions Room."

The affable former construction contractor is always willing to show off his veritable museum too. "Tell them I am always willing to have Lions fans over to view my collection," he adds. "And I am always looking for old photos or programmes, whatever."

For a look at a few more pictures from Vic's Lions Room click here

Vic Dougan may be contacted by phone at (250) 954-1006 or by e-mail at
doogieattelusdotnet. * replace at with @ and dot with . it is shown like that to reduce spam