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The 2011 Grey Cup Championship Ring

Each championship-sized ring is cast in 10kt white gold and weighs in at an astounding 76 grams. Carefully decorated with approximately 180 diamonds for a total weight of 2.5 carats, the club’s sixth CFL championship was marked by the largest ring in its history.

The bezel or top is flanked by the words Grey Cup Champions and the centre features the club’s primary logo complete with a diamond cluster for the Lions head set on top of the Grey Cup trophy. The top of the ring alone features almost 175 stones for a spectacular lifelong keepsake.

Each recipient’s name and number (or position) is featured on one shoulder of the ring as well as an intricate replication of BC Place with the Coastal Mountains in the background. Depicting the stadium was especially important to the club as it represents the role of the fans in team’s title run last year.

The other shoulder reads Pride Of All BC which surrounds the six Grey Cup trophies the Lions have claimed since their first championship in 1964. Each trophy is topped off with a round brilliant-cut diamond representing the rich history of success the franchise has had in British Columbia. The bottom also displays the club’s original orange paw logo. 

To cap the historical finish to the 2011 season which saw the Lions bounce back from an 0-5 start to win the 99th Grey Cup at home, the inside of each ring has been inscribed with the words: Believe, Achieve, Make History.

2011 Grey Cup Ring

The 2006 Grey Cup Championship Ring

The 10-carat, 60g, ‘Championship-sized’ rings include 38 round diamonds divided between each side, 21 round diamonds on the Lions logo and five large marquise diamonds – one on each of the five Grey Cups depicted on the ring’s top. The visible portions of two trophies include eight more diamonds bringing the total diamond weight to 1.75 carats.

Each player ring is customized with a name, position and number on one side and includes the unique orange helmet the club wore in the victory last November as well as an XV insignia representing the team’s 15 wins in 2006. The other side features the score from last season’s final, the Vancouver skyline and the CFL logo.

The 2000 Grey Cup Champions Ring

Made by Intergold, the Calgary-based company which has produced championship rings for the NBA, NCAA, WNBA and CFL. The rings  weigh about 40 grams each (a typical gold wedding band is 7-8 grams).

Lion players Jamie Taras, Damon Allen and retiring Lui Passaglia participated in the design process. Each ring will have 43 separate diamonds, weighing about 1.20 carats in total. Intergold president Miran Amutlu believes they will be unique in another respect. The diamonds were produced at the new Ekati mine in the Northwest Territories, which would make the Lions the first team to wear all-Canadian championship rings.

1994 Grey Cup Championship Ring

1985 Grey Cup Championship Ring

1964 Grey Cup Ring

Awarded during the 2006 Season. Their were rings for the 1963 team rewarding their first Grey Cup Appearance, the 1964 team received miniature Grey Cup trophies for winning the Cup