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The officials were no better than a micro hematocrit... What happens when you drop a solid inside a pool? It creates water wrinkles and bubbles. It may vibrate as well.
2015, week two, they put up 38 in the first half. 2015, week six, they put up 21 in the first half. 2015, week seven, they put up 31 in the first half. 2015, week eight, they put up 31 in the first half. 2015, week nine, they put up 28 in the first half versus the 2015 grey cup winners.
The bottom line is this team runs pick routed flood routes and the officials are fully aware. The problem is the officials forget to memorize the signals for illegal screens or picks. You may see tons of banana routes this weekend. What is a banana play! Buy a banana and open it 5 ways. Those 5 ways will tell you the combination route. Let’s say R. Yell is isolated and a banana is opened up beside him. One receiver crosses his shoulder and sits. 0ne receiver does not cross his shoulder but sits beside his opposite shoulder. 0ne receiver sits at his chest. 0ne right side tight end runs a drag at R. Yells back, slows down and turns up the seam aligned with Yell. The actual banana represents blockers who may also catch the dummy screen.

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