Calgary 21 - BC 17, Post-game Stats and Comments

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Wed Aug 23, 2017 7:45 am

"Travis Lulay had a good four games but if he had continued to play, our offensive predictability combined with his tendencies would result in poorer play."

Not necessarily. Go with the hotter hand. JJ wants to go downfield, that's why we've been facing 3 man rush and everybody dropping back and he's been throwing into double coverage and getting picked off. It was nice to see us go to some of the shorter routes which was effective and seeing JJ take off and run. Take what they give you right?

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Wed Aug 23, 2017 11:16 am

Blitz wrote:
Wed Aug 23, 2017 5:58 am

As for Khari Jones as an offensive coordinator, he appears to be the better coordinator of the two coordinators we have but he also has more tools to work with. In terms of our skill positions on offence, he has a high end tailback in Johnson, the dynamic Rainey, three receivers with speed in Burnham, Shaq Johnson, and Williams, and a really tough determined receiver in Manny. He also has two very talented quarterbacks in Jennings and Lulay.


Khari Jones offence should be amongst the best inthe league, with the weapons that he has to utilize. An average offensive coordinator should be getting those kind of results. If one wants to look at excellent offensive coordinator results, look at Winnipeg's offence. They have only scored one less point than Calgary, have Nichols as their quarterback and don't have a strong receiving crew and yet they are getting it done with smart offence and getting the most out of their talent.


Its often frustrating to watch and its even more frustrating to see talent handicapped. But it is what it is.
Johnson was essentially discarded by two teams before joining the Lions, and didn't become the designated starter until late in the season last year.
Burnham was expected to be a PR/backup player going into last season.
Rainey had a career total of 18 carries for 65 yards over two seasons going into last season.
Chris Williams has played all of 3 games for the Lions and is coming off a major injury.
Shaq Johnson is a rookie who has yet to distinguish himself.
Arseneaux had by far his most successful season as a pro last year.
Jennings had started only 8 games in his career before being thrust into the starting job last year.
Lulay hasn't been effective in at least 4 years prior to his mini-resurgence this season.

I am not suggesting that Jones should get sole credit for the success these players have had. But there is a symbiotic relationship between players and coaches. Jones has done a good job of giving these players a good opportunity to be successful.

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Thu Aug 24, 2017 6:44 am

It really should make a big difference having Bryan Burnham back in the lineup after missing the last two games. Jennings has missed him. We've also missed Nick Moore's play.

Even though Burnham has missed the last two contests, he is 6th in CFL receiving and has the highest average yds per reception (17.1 yds. per catch)

Nick Moore has also missed action at various occasions so far. He is 15th in CFL receiving and ahead of Calgary's go to receiver Marquis McDaniel and highly touted Davaris Danels and almost has as many yards as high priced free agent Ernest Jackson. Moore is right up there too, amongst the best, in terms of average yds. per catch (16.3 yds. per reception).

Chris Williams is averaging 13.4 yds per catch since he entered our receiving lineup.

Manny is 9th in CFL receiving but interestingly he is only averaging 9.2 yds. per reception. Manny has become a possession style receiver this season as his knee problem has led to difficulties getting open running deeper routes.

Burnham should help open things up for our passing attack again. There is a big difference playing our Leos when the opposition can key on Williams and Manny without Burnham and Moore and the challenges they would face with all four in the starting lineup.
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Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:44 am

Obviously Wally went into this season with a notion that he had addressed these areas and had the talent. He got it wrong.
Well, yes and no.

Sometimes, you think you address talent deficiencies through a different strategy.

For example, when I think of the Canada Day win, I see a defensive line that won because of attrition. They had more defensive line bodies than Toronto had offensive linemen to counter. With eight DL, you can rotate in fresh ones late and, against weaker teams, make up for less talent with fresher legs.

That won't fly against, say Edmonton, for example.

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